Editorial| Volume 53, ISSUE 1, P1, January 2009

More manuscript submissions, higher quality science!

  • Akimichi Morita
    Tel.: +81 52 853 8261; fax: +81 52 852 5066.
    Department of Geriatric and Environmental Dermatology, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Nagoya 467-8601, Japan
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      In January of last year, the editorial office of the Journal of Dermatological Science (JDS) transferred from Hokkaido University to Nagoya City University. Due to the intensive efforts of the former Editor-in-Chief, Professor Hiroshi Shimizu, and the editorial assistants, the transition was very smooth and successful. This is now my second year, as Editor-in-Chief and I would like focus on improving the scientific and practical aspects of the journal for the next 4 years during my remaining tenure as Editor-in-Chief. JDS is the official journal of the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (JSID), comprising more than 1200 scientifically active members. The main goal of JDS, however, is to expand dermatology research and enhance the global communication of this research. The JDS office is geographically based in Asia, but it provides an important avenue through which our society can become more visible to cutaneous researchers and dermatologists throughout the world.
      I would like to report on the current status of JDS.
      The journal's Impact Factor has been consistently increasing from 1.3 (2002) to 1.6 (2003), 1.5 (2004), 2.0 (2005), 2.6 (2006), and most recently to 2.5 (2007). JDS currently has the 8th highest impact factor among dermatology journals. The number of submitted manuscripts has also consistently increased from 154 (2003) to 305 (2007), and to 400 (2008). The number of submitted manuscripts in 2008 was 30% higher than that in 2007. Thus, the office is receiving a greater number of submissions and, importantly, the scientific quality of recently submitted manuscripts has been particularly high. Manuscripts are being submitted not only from Japan (25%), but currently also from 40 other countries, including other Asian countries (36%), European countries (21%), and the United States (6%). JDS is becoming popular among dermatologists and cutaneous biologists all over the world.
      I am pleased to inform you of the current JDS policies.
      • 1.
        Fast publication policy
        Based on the 2008 publishing data, the mean total time from submission to online publication in JDS is 32 weeks. The interval between submissions to the first decision step is less than 30 days. Although the acceptance ratio at JDS is approximately only 40%, the first decision is quick and publication in digital format is relatively rapid. The first decision step has been shortened. We will maintain the current rapid, high-quality editorial process in which the section editor system plays an essential role. Since January 2006, this system has worked efficiently for the initial peer review of submitted manuscripts. Please see the front cover page for the names of the 20 section editors. All 20-section editors are well-known, active scientists and physician scientists.
      • 2.
        20% more papers will be published in 2009
        JDS received 30% more submitted manuscripts in 2008. Therefore, I have decided to publish 20% more papers in 2009 with a new format, which is described in this issue. The front cover will also be changed to include a strong and vivid image.
      • 3.
        Free color publication and free submission, no publication charges
        JDS provides free color figures, two color fonts, a web-based submission and review system, and there are no submission or publication charges.
      • 4.
        Free JDS subscription for JSID members
        Members of the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology receive a complimentary JDS subscription, with both print and online services. The membership fee is only 15,000 yen. If you are interested in becoming a member of JSID, please see the JSID website at If you are not a JSID member, the personal annual subscription price for non-members is currently 26,400 yen (2008 in Japan), a price set to make JDS more accessible.
      • 5.
        Please submit your ideas for a symposium-in-print
        A series of review articles will be invited and published as a symposium-in-print. This was recently approved at the general editorial board meeting for JDS. Please submit your ideas for a symposium-in-print, approximately 3–5 consecutive reviews, directly to me.
      Your continued input and effort to further develop our journal, thus expanding the global communication of cutaneous biology and dermatology research, is highly appreciated. I look forward to receiving more of your interesting and high-quality research articles in the near future.